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Kimmi is back home

Hi fellow ASD parents

Yes, Kim, who is now 25yo, is back home. Her moving in to a house with an old family friend and her partner has only lasted 7 months. It is much better record than has been so far….it is usually about 3 to 4 months before she is back home again.

This time she brought her partner with her…

Well, it has been a very busy week and a half and they are sorted!!  1 caravan delivered into the backyard! All signed, paid for and organized…except for the bug spray….ooooohhhhh spiders *&^($%###@!!

Pat…..he is enjoying Tafe now…first day of 4 days a week. He has made friends and he is pleased to be able to go for a walk round town during lunch…meet up with friends….relax..He has so needed this instead of hating school and everything it stands for. Here’s hoping his enthusiasm and positive attitude lasts all year.

Me….I get the house to myself most days of the week, most of each day….to do as I please.

I have a few outings each week and fortnight to go to, so I keep busy.

This week, I get to cook in Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen. This is the 4th week of a 5 week program. I am so enjoying it….will miss it when it is finished. Also, on Friday, I go on a bus trip to Melbourne to the Art Museum. That will be nice, I have never been there, except for when it first opened way back when I was still a teenager, (I think). Anyway, it will be a good trip.

So, now I am feeling a whole lot better with myself these days, I will be able to keep up my blogging.

It has been a very very hard road the last 3 years in particular. There was also a period of time of about 4 years about 2 years before this time….but, I am now looking ahead, I have support to help me keep my good spirits up, keep my mind active, my body active and my creative juices flowing….all helping me to be a helpful,, efficient, patient mother of ASDs….and now a BiPolar, two dogs and a cat as well.

Well, thanks for reading this updated issue of my blog.

Look forward to next time…..probably weekly

cheers for now




Busy Time

Hi Fellow ASD parents/carers,

Surprise! surprise! Its me again so soon. Ooh don’t know what happened then, but my writing is big and I can see it. lol.

Well, my daughter, Kimmi, is still with me. We had a lovely offer from my sister and brother-in-law today to borrow their trailer to help move Kimmi’s things back to my house. She only had the bed that needed a trailer, so we went and got it today. The rest of her belongings we will collect over the week and they will fit in the car. Considering she moves around a lot, it’s just as well she doesn’t need a trailer load each time she moves.

So today for Kimmi was a bit hard to deal with. She had pains in her tummy, that I thought might be nerves. She doesn’t like confrontation at all. Confronting her cousin and telling her she felt it was best if she moved back home with mum was such a daunting task, she chickened out totally, so I let her cousin know. It went smoothly enough, so far. The rest of the week will tell.

We organized to borrow the trailer this afternoon. By the time we picked up the trailer, went to my nieces house, got the boys to load up the bed, it was thundering and lightning a fair bit, so we tried to get home before it rained. Good idea, but too late. The storm hit our house by the time we got home. The rain drops were so big and cold and the lightning was really scary forked, heading directly to earth, all around us. The thunder was thunderous. We had just enough time to cover the trailer completely with tarps until we could get it when the rain stopped. We decided that we needed help to get the bed into the house, so we called up a friend who brought a friend and between them and Patrick, the bed was placed in the middle room.

I have not cleared the room of my sewing gear and oddments of furniture, so we just dumped it in there. Patrick and I will get to it over the weekend. It is going to be a rainy weekend, so I am not expecting much organizing to be done, but at least if I can get my sewing table out of there and into my bedroom where the space is ready for it, I will be happy and will be able to continue sorting my sewing gear and putting it in an appropriate place in my room. MMM so much for my bedroom being my respite and quiet place. It is going to be a workroom as well. Ah well, the hazards of family life.

There are a couple of new bonuses having Kimmi move back home. 1. Patrick is grounded at the moment for the rest of February, and I have had to be grounded with him. Having Kimmi here means that I can go when and where I need to and Kim will be home with Pat. 2. Kimmi can drive to the supermarket now that she has her driver’s licence, or run other errands for me, so I can stay home when I feel the need, and she can take Patrick with her. Cool. 3. Kimmi can drive herself to her outings instead of me having to drive her there and usually pick her up later. 4. Kim backs up my disciplinary measures with Patrick when he is being tough. 5. Patrick is less likely to disagree with my suggestions for just about everything. 6. Kimmi can take Patrick to see the movies that I just don’t like, but they both will enjoy. 7. I don’t need to pay respite workers who can’t cope with Patrick anyway, because Kimmi is our respite carer. 8. Kimmi can help me make and package my crafty items for the markets, help me on market day and each of us can take a break often to wander around the market while we are there as well as keep Patrick amused between the two of us. (my only source of income other than pension payment). 9. I will have someone else to talk to most days of the week and so will Patrick. 10. Having Kimmi home is lots of fun and wacky times, lots of laughs, more outings together as a family. Life is never ever dull with Kimmi around.

Life is going to take a few twists and turns until we have all settled in with each other again, and we will be busy organizing a unit for her in the backyard. This house is so so tiny. We also have to get the yard organized as well as the house. I am planning to get a few chickens for eggs and recycling. We are very DIY in our family, so we have a chicken shed, we just need to make a run area to keep the chickens safe from the dogs, cats and other prowling predators, like hawks, foxes, snakes and strange people. We are planning a Garage Sale to get rid of a lot of oddments of furniture we no longer need as well as excess items throughout the whole house. The 3 little sheds we have in the backyard are in need of severe clean-out, as we have not really seen the inside of them since we moved to this house in March last year, nearly a year ago. wow. Our swimming pool, just a small one, needs to be emptied, cleaned out and moved to a more protected area of the yard, down the side of the house, where we can set up a shade area and place some lovely tropical plants to dress the area up to be able to enjoy the tranquility of lazing in our little pool on the next lot of sweltering hot days.

I also need to address the garden. Both Kim and Pat like to help in the garden. It is rather bare except for a few bulbs and we need to get the vegetable garden going again, also with some protection from elements and animals. We have also put on Layby, a gazebo that is wide enough to park the car under it, for a bit of sun and rain protection. We also have started and need to finish, putting up shade blinds on the outside of the windows to protect the house from the heat and the cold.

So, now that Kim is back home, I will have the physical help I need to get things done, and Patrick will have added incentive to help too. Finally, we will be able to feel comfortable to a certain degree in this little house.

So that’s what has been happening here lately. I have a teeny-weeny house with myself and two large kids who both need plenty of space and are rough on everything, including shoes, clothes and equipment and tools, a large dog, Lulu, a small dog, Brandy and a kitten called Booboo. Soon we shall have chickens as well and I know our nice yard is only going to encourage all of the neighborhood kids to want to come and visit often.

So welcome to the madhouse, enjoy our life of fun and quirkiness and follow along with our ups and downs, rights and wrongs, lefts and rights, fights and dramas, loves and laughters.

See you next time


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