A place for me to voice how I feel



I am single mum and carer to my 14yo son Patrick, diagnosed with Autism/ADHD/Sleep Disorder/Learning Disorder/Anxiety/Depression.

I am in my 50’s and am also mum to 2 daughters,Kim 24yo who is also diagnosed with Autism/ADD/Sleep apnea/Anxiety/Depression and mum to Meg 27yo, undiagnosed ASD and grandmum to Amber, nearly 7yo, also undiagnosed ASD.

I love patchwork and quilting, sewing anything, crafting of all sorts, beading, scrap-booking, card making, knitting, crochet, stitchery, gardening, reading light-hearted mystery stories, Australian music and certain television shows and movies.

I do not like Sherlock Holmes and I do not like Astrology and the stars, etc. Not interested so don’t talk to me about it.

I believe in God, family, love is the greatest gift of all that you can give and receive. I live by the golden rule and the bible.

I care for my son daily in a physical sense, I care for Kim when she allows me to, while she does not live with me, but seeing as she is moving back home with us soon, that will be a regular thing again. Meg rings me sometimes several times a day, for a usual minimum of 1 hour a call to a maximum of 3 hours a call. Amber, my grand-daughter, I really only get to speak to on special occasions and I get to see her when Meg and Amber come to visit once or twice a year. I believe from my latest conversations with Meg that those visits will be more often from now on. Thankfully, I will enjoy that a lot. I would go to visit Meg in Melbourne, only my car is not reliable for trips, so I prefer to keep it going on a daily use around home.

I do wish I had more money so I could save up for a new car, but in this day and age it is not possible to save. My family cost a lot to keep happy and I am only on a carer’s pension payment. If anyone knows how to radiate an income that does not cost me my much-needed sleep, body stress, mental strain and too much cost to get involved in…please let me know.

So basically, you know my life.

I do my best daily, but daily is a mystery every day.

This is my life. You are welcome to read along and I accept comments and suggestions.

Cheers for now



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