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Kimmi is back home

Hi fellow ASD parents

Yes, Kim, who is now 25yo, is back home. Her moving in to a house with an old family friend and her partner has only lasted 7 months. It is much better record than has been so far….it is usually about 3 to 4 months before she is back home again.

This time she brought her partner with her…

Well, it has been a very busy week and a half and they are sorted!!  1 caravan delivered into the backyard! All signed, paid for and organized…except for the bug spray….ooooohhhhh spiders *&^($%###@!!

Pat…..he is enjoying Tafe now…first day of 4 days a week. He has made friends and he is pleased to be able to go for a walk round town during lunch…meet up with friends….relax..He has so needed this instead of hating school and everything it stands for. Here’s hoping his enthusiasm and positive attitude lasts all year.

Me….I get the house to myself most days of the week, most of each day….to do as I please.

I have a few outings each week and fortnight to go to, so I keep busy.

This week, I get to cook in Jamie Oliver’s Ministry of Food Mobile Kitchen. This is the 4th week of a 5 week program. I am so enjoying it….will miss it when it is finished. Also, on Friday, I go on a bus trip to Melbourne to the Art Museum. That will be nice, I have never been there, except for when it first opened way back when I was still a teenager, (I think). Anyway, it will be a good trip.

So, now I am feeling a whole lot better with myself these days, I will be able to keep up my blogging.

It has been a very very hard road the last 3 years in particular. There was also a period of time of about 4 years about 2 years before this time….but, I am now looking ahead, I have support to help me keep my good spirits up, keep my mind active, my body active and my creative juices flowing….all helping me to be a helpful,, efficient, patient mother of ASDs….and now a BiPolar, two dogs and a cat as well.

Well, thanks for reading this updated issue of my blog.

Look forward to next time…..probably weekly

cheers for now




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