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Im still here

Hello fellow bloggers,

I know it has been a long long time since I was here last….life overtook my blogging.

Through depression, illness and general life….I am here again. My life has had many changes over the last year and I have taken all this time to adapt to those changes.

My son, Pat, is now 15 1/2 and doesn’t need me any more….well, mostly doesn’t need me. I am always here for him and he does pop in occasionally…lol. He starts at TAFE next week, as school just didn’t work for him at all….it has been a terrible terrible year.

Pat has grown up so much….physically and emotionally. He is so tall. He has muscles and body hair and his voice changed deeper, and I hardly recognize his voice on the phone…I have to stop and think…”oh yeh, he’s grown up now” . He cleans his own room…..once a month…and I need to leave the house so he can play HIS music, loud, and he does his own washing and all….it’s fine with me! 🙂

Some days, when things get too much for me…the house suffers, so Pat says, “Ok mum, go see Nanny and I will clean the kitchen up” and when I come home, the rubbish is out, the dishes are done and the floor is clean and washed…he does love using the steam mop…lol.

I have had to make a lot of changes, especially mentally. I do not have the same concerns I did a couple of months ago when he was never doing the right thing at school….to the extent that the last 7 weeks of school were spent at home. Better for the school apparently. It suited me at the time too, because I was not too well and didn’t have to get up too early to get him off to school.

So, over the last couple of months, I have started a new hobby….Beading. Yes, I have been making jewellery, taking classes to make beaded jewellery and I have made enough jewellery to have a market stall. That, after two tries, was a dismal failure, but I am now trying a different market, and it should work out a lot better. Also, I am concentrating my jewellery making on my beaded creations, not just a piece of chain with a pendant on the bottom of it. Those pendants I have made, I am working at re-making them by adding a bit of sparkle to them…..I will post some pics when I have some to post…lol.

All in all, my extreme stress situation with Autism and ADHD is much less now. Finally. There are still bad days, but they are not one after the other all the time….just one here and there. I am more able now to wake up each day and say to myself… “whats on for today? Oh, yes, I have that appointment and I can do some craft until then, or after then” , I don’t wake up and say ” well, I wonder how Pat is today, what I have to change that I had planned, or what is going to be disrupted or deleted today? Will I achieve something I like to do today? I hope I have the strength to get through today.”

It is really good.

Well, on that note, I shall leave for the time being. I shall be back soon.

Keep up the good work you do as a parent of someone with Autism 🙂

Cheers, Di




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