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Fixing Up Our Backyard

Hi Bloggers,

The weather has been atrocious. Rain, wind, thunder and lightning, storms so bad roads have been flooded, drains bursting out onto the roads, gardens and yards pummeled to dirt spatters everywhere…the walls of the house are mud. Things I thought were sturdy in the yard have been tossed like rag dolls….its a mess. So, the rain has stopped for a while. Time to clean up and get some organization happening.

We have a dilemma. I find it difficult to open the gates of the backyard every time I need to drive anywhere, then shut them behind me, first making sure the dogs are inside or in the front yard. They will run if they smell a snifter of freedom. Then I need to let the dogs back into the backyard, then I can go wherever I have to go. Depending on weather, health and timing. this is quite likely to be painful, distressful or hard for me to accomplish. I need a solution.

There is also another part to this dilemma. I have been in our house 11 months now. I keep to myself as I usually have no time for chatting to neighbours, etc. I say hello to my neighbours and others that walk past with their kiddies or dogs. We live in a rough neighbourhood and would prefer my children ( ok they are not little anymore, but) not to spend too much time in the neighbourhood. I don’t want them to get in trouble and they will if they hang out with the locals. My son’s already in trouble, a 5 year good behaviour, just for innocently looking at a house being built. I have since found out that he did not actually go onto the property. He was looking from where the car garage met the footpath out the front of the house, public area. I have not looked into anything yet as to whether that can be rectified. Patrick having Autism does not explain things clearly and the police were not in the mood to listen or take excuses, as they called his Autism.

Anyway, two of my neighbours have complained to the council that I park on the nature strip out the front of my house. They do not like this, because to get onto my nature strip, I have to use part of one neighbour’s driveway, outside the yard, to get on to it, and I use part of the other neighbour’s nature-strip with a disused driveway to get off the nature-strip. They called the council on me, but obviously the council were not concerned. So they called them on the fact that I have small swimming pool without regulation fencing.

The council guy came, saw that it had obviously been up but not for several weeks, as I said was the case. So there are no problems there. But while he was here, I asked what regulations were, he showed me where and how high and all the things I needed to know, right there and then. I wont be putting it up again until the next season of summer, so I will have time to organize something by then. I hope. So even though the neighbours bothered me some, they didn’t manage to have me fined or sectioned and quartered or anything. The people know that my family has Autism.

So while the council guy was here, I asked about other things in my yard that I would like to do. I told him how and where I wanted my chicken pen. I have the hen-house and just need to fence of areas behind the garden sheds. He was happy with that. I asked about my fence I want to put up around the drive-in area of the backyard so that I can keep the dogs from getting out of the yard and still have my car off the street whenever I am home, without having to stress myself shutting gates all the time. He was happy with that plan too. I also asked him where in my yard would the housing people be likely to put a unit for my daughter to live in, when we get approval for it. He pointed out the same area we thought it would be put in because of plumbing and wiring. The proximity to the house and clearances from boundary fences, etc. So I was pleased with that.

So, to turn things to a good, like I always try to do, my neighbours narkily turning me in to the council actually helped me so that I could get hands-on info I needed without having to make arrangements, appointments or paying anyone. I was happy with the overall result of their meddling.

So Today, we hired a trailer, free from the Neighborhood House because we are a Ministry of Housing Tenant, we went to the recycle centre and we found 2 large pallets that had 4×4 poles long enough to make our fence posts for our driveway area. All for $10. All we need now is lengths of wire and chicken wire as well as nails, etc. We also, for $5 found a lovely picket gate. We also have plenty of wood from those pallets to make sure the fence is solid, not flimsy. Leftover wood will be used as a veggie garden edge which will also be behind the fence so the dogs cannot dig into it.

Kim and Pat were out there this afternoon, pulling planks off one of the pallets, so we can use the wood for the fences, etc. I am also putting on Lay-by, a carport. It is a temporary one, with shade-cloth tarp over the top, but with our fencing, and some lattice-work, we will put that at the nose end of the car-port and plant some climbers up it. That will stop a bit of snooping into the yard through the carport when the large gates are open. We are also going to put some clear vinyl over the carport to help keep that area waterproof. what good is a car-port if you get wet getting in and out of the car in bad weather.
So all in all, today was a successful day, re-creating has started and Kim and Pat will be busy for the next few weeks.

We will be broke tho. No movies, going places. Just home and keeping busy.

Well, until I see you next,


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