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Hello today

Hi fellow Autistic parents/carer’s,

I have been rather busy lately. School is back and Patrick is busy again, not bored and bothering me. LOL. My daughter, Kimmi, is moving back home again. That means I have to totally rearrange the house again to fit her it. Why? Because when she moved out last time, I made the spare room into my sewing room. I have challenged myself to sew a patchwork block everyday, but now that I have to put my sewing room into my bedroom because there is no where else to have a sewing machine, let alone all my stuffs, in my teeny tiny house, my bedroom is it.

Today, having spent the last couple of days with Kimmi, starting when she asked me to take her to the hospital on Tuesday night because she had a lot of pain and needed it to be seen and dealt with, at 1:30am. We were released from hospital at 6:30am, I had no sleep, and I slept most of the day once Patrick went off to school, in bed, sleeping and suffering a massive headache, that has only gone away to a limited amount..I have this sore head always ever since I woke up yesterday afternoon and even after another good night sleep it is still a heavy head with aching mildly. I hate headaches. I would much rather a migraine that makes me sick, sleep and then disappears completely.

I desperately need a chiropractor adjustment or 5o of them. But I cannot afford to go there twice a week for a few weeks and then once a week for a while then gradually working to once each month then 3 months…its just not within my budget, ever. I need to do something drastically though to get the money to do it tho, as I desperately need to be adjusted. I am only going to get sicker and sicker if I don’t.

So today, so far, I have listened to Kimmi on Facebook playing with her Franklin the Turtle fb page, she has such a far-out imagination. I recommend you all find Franklin the Turtle on Facebook and have a giggle. Become his friend, even. Kimmi, at 14yo, is still an absolute scream to have around, life is definitely not boring with her around. Patrick is generally a lot happier with her around because they think and do the same sort of things. They are both idiots…and I love them both.

Well, it is getting time to go get ready for my 3pm interview with the ABC, so I had better get onto it.

Catch you all another day when I feel I can chat on here. I don’t really know why I started this blog, but I guess I will find out as time goes on. Check out my other blog….My Blog about my Stitching Experiences. I get to that blog a bit more often than here. Read it and you will find out why.

Bye for now


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