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Im Back

Hello people,

It has only been a day since I was here last. Here’s hoping I can continue this daily approach to my healing process.

I have mentioned my other blog…My Blog about my Sewing Experiences. Well, I did a probable stupid thing, nothing new. I challenged myself to make a 12 1/2″ crazy patchwork block made with shiny fabrics per day….to make a quilt for my best friend Jen. It has 36 of these blocks. It will be sashed with burgundy fabric and quilted simply. The colours I am using in each block start with a burgundy fabric in the centre, surrounded by several pieces of jewel coloured fabrics, all shiny, satiny fabrics. They are very slippery, and I have found that I need to use pins to secure the fabrics to stop them from slipping and making the whole project a pain. But, I started yesterday, and as of today, I have 3 blocks. So I am ahead of schedule. I need the quilt to be finished by May 11th, 2012. Yes THIS year.

So that’s a good start for the year, craft wise. I have lots more to do, but I will take one day at a time.

Patrick had his girlfriend Kayla, over for the night. They spent lots of time playing car racing games on the computer, playing their music and being regular, noisy 14-year-old kids. Mind you, I went through a bit of ice-cream. The weather has been so hot and I have only an itty bitty house with no air-conditioning. I hope to have an electrician in next week to install my large air conditioner that was kindly given to me by a friendly neighbour. I really need one for my sewing room too.

I have some shadecloth to make into simple blinds to put on the outside of my windows to help keep the sun off the house a bit better. I have the materials, I have the knowledge, but I really need help to make the blinds. Patrick is not very good at helping me do the things I need to do. I have a big problem with bending. My knees have osteoarthritis and most days I find it difficult to walk even, let alone bend and get up and down steps. I am also a rather short person, so I get several challenges facing me a day just dealing with my lack of height.

I also suffer from Depression, and when I am motivated to do something, like make these blinds and get them up on the windows, I need to get it done immediately and hopefully finish the job in one day. I never know how long my good feeling is going to last, or how long my body will keep up with the activity. I swear instead of being in my early 50’s I’m in my late 70’s.

Below are some pictures of my family, taken recently.

This is Kimmi, my no.2 daughter with my no.1 grand daughter and my nephew Jackson.

Kimmi, Amber and Jackson


This is my only grand child, Amber, from my no.1 daughter Meghann.

I do not prefer one daughter or one child over another. I have used no.1 and no.2 purely for guidance in who was born first and second. I am not partial to any one of my children, grandchild, nephews, nieces, or other relatives. I love them all, just as they are.

Well it is time for me to think about making some dinner, although a salad sounds just fine. So I had better go feed the hungry boy before he gets skittish.

Thankyou for your avid attention

I feel fine



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