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Its been a while….

Well it is 8 months since I first started this blog and all I did that day was say that I have started this blog and why. So my first post since then is now…today…the 7th of January 2012.

Wow!! So you are thinking…what happened? why has it taken this long to post my first post? why did I make this blog if I did not participate? Well, all I can say is that it is quite a busy busy life being the only parent of autistic children and adults.

So, you want to know, what has happened that I am writing in my blog today, 8 months later?

Well, firstly, I have been meaning to for so long now…obviously 8 months, lol.

Secondly, I was so special in my family that they kept me so busy I had no time to concentrate on my stuff.

Thirdly, I am feeling so much better than I was 8 months ago. The blog was to help keep me aware of ME, the person, not just me the mum, carer, woman, friend, mender, minder, fixer-upper, companion, cleaner, keeper, slave. I was so depressed, I knew I needed something to help me keep up with things about me and have some ME time, but I just didn’t have the gumption to actually make it happen.

Fourthly, I am now concentrating on ME, the person, my health, physical and otherwise, my interests, my dreams, my wishes, my hopes, my goals, my activities, my achievements, my bonuses, my pluses, my good and bad, my all!

And Fifth, I feel like it. LOL!

So, what have I been doing with myself lately that is worth writing about? Several minor and major things come to mind.

My antidepressant medication has been doubled, and it is now doing its job.

I am getting organized all the proper over 50 medical checks that I should have done a couple of years ago.

I have been sewing again. I have also been crafting all sorts of things. I have made cards, jewellery, book covers, appliqué swaps and red-work swaps as well as planning some dressmaking items for myself and my grand daughter and plans for finishing my UFO’s including queen sized quilts.

I have also been cleaning up my house. I got rather slack and could not push myself to do anything until I just could not live with the mess and clutter any more. I have downsized and changed rooms and furniture until I am happy with the way it all looks. I have also got plans, and fabric, for putting curtains up in all my rooms. Bare and blinds is not a good look at all.

I now have another little companion dog. His name is Brandy, he is 9 months old, a Maltese X Shih Tzu, his coat is going to be a lovely Gold colour. At the moment, as he has not had a proper grooming session yet, he is bits of gold, cream and black. He is also daily covering himself in burrs every time he goes out into the garden, as this weather has not encouraged lawn so much as the weeds have grown. He is an inside dog, he sleeps under my bed, but likes to have a cuddle on bed for about 10 minutes then he finds his spot on the floor for the rest of the night. Wherever I am, he is.

I have also acquired a tabby kitten, female, blue eyes with chipmunk markings down her back, called BooBoo, 12 weeks old now. She is my son’s kitten, he named her and she loves me of course. She loves sitting on my chest, like at the moment while I am reclining on my bed.

My son has also acquired a lovely 5 year old red Kelpie X, female, Lulu. Lovely animal. Loves me too, of course. My son takes her for walks though as my arthritic knees will not allow me to be dragged by her. She comes in side at times and she also thinks she is a lap dog…I’m telling you now, after several bruises on my legs to prove it, Lulu is no Lap Dog. LOL

I have just in the last few weeks taken up babysitting 5 lovely children once or twice a week while their single mum works. I thought with all the stresses I deal with as far as my family and health are concerned, that this job may turn out to be a burden to me. Surprise, surprise…I am so enjoying this job. The children are aged 3, 4, 5, 8, 13. All girls except for the 4 year old, a boy, with autism/ADHD. I am used to handling this complaint for 27 years as a mother, so it really is no different to my own family. Only there are more of them.

I adore these kids, and they love me. Their mum cannot believe I still want to look after them. I know what its like, so I appreciate what she as a parent, single, has to go through, and for some strange reason, I am loving the job, and I am not feeling any bad, negative or tiring effects from it.

Just over the last few weeks, I have had the pleasure of being on my own for 17 days. My son, Patrick, 14, suffering Autism/ADHD/sleep disorders/learning disorders, went to my eldest daughter’s place for the Xmas/New Year period. I slept for a majority of that time, but I did manage a few Dr appointments, lunches, a little stitching and knitting, visiting friends and family, window shopping, and a bit of retail therapy as well.

Over the last few days, since Thursday lunchtime, actually, I picked up my son and oldest daughter and grand daughter from the train station and have had my middle child/adult here as well. We have had such a wonderful time together along with some friends and other family members. We have had hilarious laughter sessions, 5am pool parties, kiddies party because my middle child turns 24 tomorrow and she wanted to throw a kiddie party while I had my babysitting job kids around for a couple of hours, including of course, a swim in the pool as well. And currently, while I am relaxing here in my bedroom, the rest of my family are in the rest of the house playing the play station with Band Hero. Lots of yelling, music, noise, singing, drums, guitar and laughter. Ages ranging from 5 months old to almost 27.

My wonderfully clean house, for the first time in the whole 7 months I have lived in this house, I have had to re-clean several times a day since Thursday, and its only Saturday evening now. My daughter and grand daughter are leaving tomorrow morning and the rest will go back to their homes later this evening. That will leave me and my son and his little girlfriend.

So, I will tell you my family situation, names and ages, addresses and all information just so you can follow my blog.

I live in Kangaroo Flat, a suburb of  Bendigo, Victoria, Australia.

I was born on August 12th, 1959, in Gawler, South Australia. My mums name is Judith, my dads name was Robert. I have a brother, Greg, November 13th, 1960, a sister, Barbara, May 9th, 1963.

I married John and had Meghann, March 3rd, 1985 and Kimberly, January 8th, 1988 and was divorced in 1990.

I lived alone and taught my girls at home for most of the next 10 years until I met and married Mick in July 1996. Patrick was born on July 22nd, 1997 but due to circumstances beyond my control, we divorced in 2004.

Meghann gave birth to Amber Rose on April 26th, 2005, had rocky relationship and has brought her up alone.

Meghann and Amber Rose live with John and have done for nearly 5 years now.Meghann has a partial diagnosis of an Autistic Spectrum Disorder and Amber Rose is currently being assessed for the same.

Kimberly, also diagnosed with Autism/Anxiety/Add/Phobia’s/Sleep Aponea/Partial Deafness is the current partier. She continually moves in and out of home. So, I am currently trying to organize a self contained unit in the back yard for her to call home, where she can have privacy and ownership of her own place, be independent but still being cared for, as she does need caring still.

So what is my most current goal I wish to achieve?

I want to make 2 or 3 dresses for my Amber Rose before the school holidays end. I would also like to make 1 or 2 dresses/outfits for myself during that time. I also want to continue with my applique and red work swaps and I would like to finish at least 1 UFO as well.

As an interest in my craft, I have formed a Facebook Group with a fellow quilter who lives in Perth, Western Australia. This is the group I am doing the swaps with. We have about 65 members and about 12 active members. These members are from all corners of the world. If you would like to know the group, join in or just read along on our wall and check out our pictures, go to Facebook and search for KayDee’s World of Quilters and Piece Makers.

I am also a member of another quilting group called International Friendship Quilters. We were a website, but are now a Yahoo Group.  Go to uk.groups.yahoo.com/group/InternationalFriendshipQuilters

Other crafts I like to do are knitting, crochet, scrap-booking, card making, jewellery making, household sewing, dressmaking, stitchery/redwork, applique and many other trials and crafts.

I love my family, God, life, happiness, children, animals, gardening, crafting, organic vegetable growing, laughing, reading mystery stories revolving around women crafting, watching comedy, mystery and feel good family type movies, good Australian music, such as John Farnham, Jimmy Barnes, Tina Arena, and several such groups and singers, as well as Bryan Adams, Celine Dion, Beatles, Phil Collins and the like.

I am happy with most of me, although I could do with losing several kilo’s. I could also do without being Pre-Diabetic, Osteo-Arthritic, Depressed, Pre-Menopausal/Menopausal, (not sure when it becomes one and not the other), and overweight, not grossly, but enough to warrant strict attention as well as suffering several minor symptoms of obvious aging.

So, this is me and this is my life. If you wish to follow my progress with life, please feel welcome to do so. If you feel you would like to make a comment, please do so, just remembering that I will only accept nice, friendly comments. Anything detrimental to my physical or mental health or my family and friends physical or mental health will be rebuffed without publishing.

Welcome to my world!


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