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Hello Fellow Bloggers

This is me with my little dog Bailey. Please excuse my background, pic was taken while I was still moving into the house.

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  1. Hello Blogger World,
    I have just created this blog, to help me let of steam, emotion, news and glad tidings and achievements of my life as mum to an Autistic family. Let us see how we go, hey!
    Have a nice day

  2. It has been 8 months…wow, doesnt time fly? I have added another blog. It is called “: My Blog about my stitching experiences ” I have put a couple of posts in it already.
    Back to why its been 8 months since I visited my blog here though…well, I have been busy. I had just moved into my new house, I had so many things to organize, cupboards, windows, inside and outside, furniture, animals, family, shopping, bills, cars, and more cars, and more cars…hate cars at the moment.

    So, I thought, what can I tell you about life as a parent of an autistic family? How many hours have you got today?
    Seriously, my life is not an organized, well running machine. It is a hit and miss conglomeration of confrontations, treading on eggshells, mediation between the battlers, the carer, repairer, despairer, dreaming, wishing, hoping, activity, tears, tantrums and a mix of pets, love, fun, laughter, accidents and mess.

    It is school holidays, and for me, that means that Patrick is in his glory and I am exhausted. Patrick is 14 and the size of a man who is still growing. I dont know where he came from because both his father and I are not big people by any means. A throwback from somewhere I guess.
    Provided the car keeps going, (it should because its cost me an average of $100 a week and on a pension, thats a lot of upkeep), Patrick likes to go visit friends, go to the skate park, go to the swimming pool, go for sleepovers or have sleepovers here at home, go to the reservoir for swimming and playing in the blowup dinghy, eat a lot and drink more.

    My need for chilling out alone relies on Patrick visiting the neighbours or sleeping somewhere else for a night or so, or me locking myself in my bedroom. At this time of year, it is too hot to be in my room for too long, it is too hot.

    I have had a recent visit from my eldest daughter and her 6yo daughter. Meg and Amber only visit maybe once or twice a year. I would get to see them more often if my car was more reliable. Meg takes Patrick for the xmas/newyear break and that gives me a week or two off. I really appreciate that break. I mainly sleep and blog.

    My middle daughter, Kimmi, has moved in and out a few times since she was 19yo, she is now 24yo. She is living with my niece, her fiance and baby boy Jackson, but, it wont be long and she will be back home again. Thank goodness I actually have a place that we can call home. We have never stayed in a house longer than 18 months since 1995. Long long story. Maybe I will tell you about it in pieces over the coming months, years.

    Recently, like the 5th of January, 2012, my daughter Meg and Amber came back from their home bringing Patrick with them after a couple of weeks. On that day, Kimmi also came to visit, as well as an old family friend, Amy, came to visit. Well, to put it together neatly, my house was home to several females ranging from 3 to 27 yo, a few boys from 4 months old to 22yo, two dogs, a kitten and me, with lots of party, drinking binges, swimming pool parties, balloons, empty cans, bottles and junkfood wrappers. My recycling bin was overloaded.
    Now just so you know, I do not drink alcohol generally speaking. I may occasionally have a quiet drink once or twice a year. I had one this time. The rest of them, except for children, had a merry merry relaxed time of it. This occurred in my house, my tiny little house, for 6 whole days. I had couches as beds, mattresses on floors and my usually quiet bedroom of 1 now included a 6yo in bed with me and baby on the floor, no animals allowed!!

    Did I tell you I love to have a quiet existence and during that quiet I love to sew?.. .patchwork actually, although I like making dresses for my grand daughter, Amber. I also need to do some things for the house, like make curtains, make some useful wallhangings for my sewing room, make some clothes for myself.
    I did try to do some sewing on Tuesday, and here it is Thursday and all I have managed to actually sew is one seam. I will put up some pictures when I actually get something done. LOL.

    Well, it is heating up here and my son is quiet, that is not a good sign quite often, so I had better move to the cooler part of the house, and see what is happening out there.
    Back again when I have something more to say

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